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  • How do I take care off my new eyebrows?
    - Avoid water for 7 days. (Apply after care product before having a shower and use a tissue to dry any water after shower.) -Avoid any sun exposure, exfoliates and swimming (pool or ocean) during the healing process -Apply after-care products 2 times a day for a week with clean cotton tips.
  • What is the difference between Wing, Silk and Mink eyelash extensions and which one is the best for me?"
    Wing lashes are natural looking and cost effective. Silk lashes are glossy and look as if they had mascara on at all times. They still look natural for Full Set, but if you like to wear eye makeup, it is recommended to have the Glamorous Set instead. ( Note: Full Set will look good with or without make up.) Mink lashes are very natural looking. They are the softest and lightest eyelash extensions available. All of Lash Life products are safe for health, perfectly suitable for professional use only and are of the highest quality in the market . You can change different types of eyelashes anytime you wish without removing the previous type.
  • How are eyelash extensions applied?
    A single natural eyelash is isolated and an extension is glued to your own eyelash. They are strictly attached individually, therefore it feels very natural and so no pain or irritation will be felt. It will not damage your own eyelashes. More info can be found under “Will long term eyelash extensions damage my own lashes?”
  • Will long term eyelash extensions damage my own lashes?
    No, eyelash extensions will not damage your own eyelashes because each extension is carefully applied on each eyelash. By doing this it promotes your natural eyelashes to grow and avoids snapping by separating each eyelash and applying the proper amount of glue. One thing is certain, we notice that when you look after your lashes correctly, it promotes more growth of your natural eyelashes because you are very gentle around the eye area, not using mascara, eyelash curler, heavy makeup or removers, or simply by not rubbing your eyes anymore. (You can also avoid small wrinkles!).
  • How long does eyelash extensions last?
    Eyelash extensions usually last for around 4 weeks. It depends on how well you take care of them, weather, lifestyle, designs and amount of eyelash extensions. You can speak to Neringa for different options. There are clients coming back in 5 weeks and still looking good. Another factor is if eyelashes are constantly shedding and growing like normal hair (from 1 to 5 grow every day). There are 3 phases to the eyelash growth cycle on each hair and such cycles affect eyelash extensions too. Generally, 2-4weeks are good guidelines for you to have infills added to maintain your eyelash extensions looking full and perfect.
  • How long is each treatment?
    Every single treatment length varies from the complexity of the procedure. There is more information about each of our treatments in the Book online feature of our website.
  • I have heard that eyelash extensions damages natural lashes?
    It will only damage your own lashes for 2 reasons. Not looking after your lashes (eg. pulling them off yourself) or if the technician didn’t apply eyelash extension correctly. I have had many clients who have had bad eyelash extension experiences and are pleased with Lash life’s work. One of the worst horror stories I have heard is a therapist who learnt how to do eyelash extension on YouTube! So please be careful where you go. Also, there is a wide range of products on the market, some are low quality so make sure you avoid them. Lashlife uses the best quality products in the market, the technicians have a medical grade and only use professional products. We also ensure to sterilize each equipment before and after the treatment for your hygiene, safety and comfort. Another common thing is removing your eyelash extensions by yourself. This could easily damage your natural lashes, as the adhesive bond is extremely strong. Removal is from $15, it is definitely worth your cost and travel to get the removal process done professionally. Last but not least, beware of beauty salons that do not have eyelash extension professionals. They usually don’t have as many experiences as eyelash extension salons and are apt to apply lashes that are too heavy/clumped together which can definitely result in damaged lashes. Lashlife guarantees you beautiful lashes all the time, with no damage to your natural lashes. We customize the lashes so they have the right weight and thickness for your needs, with careful application, one by one, so that your natural eyelashes remain as healthy as ever.
  • Can I wear make up and mascara?
    Yes, you can. You’ll just need to be gentler when you apply and remove eye makeup. It is best to use eyeliner, mascara and eye makeup remover for eyelash extensions that do not contain oil and are easy to remove with hot water or non-oil based eye makeup remover. Our products do not contain any oil and are designed for eyelash extensions with ingredients to protect and nourish your natural eyelashes.
  • Can I swim with eyelash extensions?
    Yes, you can! Perhaps that’s one of the benefits of wearing Eyelash Extensions in the first place – to look good while you are on the beach & swimming pool! My recommendation for long lasting extensions are: – Try to rinse off chlorine and salt water with fresh water after, as it might affect the glue bonding. – Wear goggles in swimming pool if you can. – Have your towel near so you can gently wipe your lashes/face when you come out from the water.


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